PET TESTIMONIAL Puma and Chloe, Jack Russell Terriers

Puma is going deaf, and he has a sore that won’t heal on his back left leg.  I’ve been to the vet twice, and he just gives me the same ear drops and a pain killing spray for the leg, and it’s not really getting better after following Dr. orders every day for 2 months now.  Puma has been falling lately on the stairs, and I think this is how he hurt his leg.  🙁   I was planning on going to get a second opinion, but I thought it would be a better idea to see if you could heal him first.  :)

And my younger dog, Chloe has been acting really scared and strange lately, and her neck has been extremely sore and sensitive.  The vet said there is nothing wrong with her, but I know the back of her neck has been sore for a long time now.  When she goes into the vet’s office, she’s so scared that her sore neck doesn’t show up as much.

Puma and Chloe after 1 session:

Hi Suzy – Wow, thank you!   I didn’t know you were going to do this last night, so this morning Puma wasn’t limping at all and I thought, “wow!  he must have gotten some good sleep!”  After they ate breakfast, I blocked off the staircase so that he couldn’t try to get up the stairs (and further hurt his leg of fall on the stairs) this morning while I was getting ready for work upstairs.  He was full of energy b/c he pushed aside the box I had blocking the stairs and bolted up, no limp at all.

Like I had mentioned, Chloe has been scared and sad for some reason, and sleeping by herself in the basement even when I keep trying to bring her upstairs.  Last night she slept downstairs (my bedroom is upstairs) but in the middle of the night she came upstairs to her bed next to my bed, and then this morning she jumped into my bed to snuggle with me like she used to.  I was soooo happy to see her being her silly happy snugglie self!!

I took Puma and Chloe to their babysitter this morning, and I won’t be able to pick them up until tomorrow after work because I have to work really late tonight.  I didn’t check Puma’s hearing this morning b/c I’m now used to doing sign language for him, but I can’t wait to see him tomorrow to see if he can hear at all.  Same with Chloe’s neck – I’ll have to wait to see her tomorrow.   Thank you so much Suzy!!

After 2 sessions.

Hi Suzy,

1. The wound on Puma’s back leg that has not been healing for months: I haven’t seen him lick it one single time since you worked on him.  Thank you!  I really hope it stays this way; I’m so happy and excited.

2. Puma’s injury that happened the day before you worked on him that had him limping really bad: totally healed from that overnight (the night you worked on him). Thank you!

3. Puma’s hearing: He still seems to be totally deaf.  But this morning I said to him, ”Want to go to Laura’s?!” (his babysitter) in a really loud happy voice and he seemed to respond, which is the first time he seemed to maybe be able to hear a little.  He has a vet appointment on Thursday to get a second opinion on why he’s deaf.

4. He’s still falling when he tries to  jump on the couch, but he  hasn’t fallen on the stairs at all since you’ve worked on him.  I think I might try to put him back on a raw food diet because he seemed much healthier when he was eating raw food.  He’s 13, but I would love for him to live to 23 – or longer –  if possible! :)


1. The skin on the back of her neck was really thick and almost hard, and it was really obvious that it was painful b/c she’d close her eyes (with relief) if I gently tried to massage it for her.  Now it seems much thinner, only about 3x the thickness of her skin everywhere else, and she doesn’t seem to be in as much pain at all.  So this is great – thank you!!

2.  Her being scared.  She is a strange one!  She has slept in my bed the past 2 nights instead of down in the basement.  She is still acting strange at night for some reason – with her tail down and basically acting like she’s terrified of me.  She’s a complex little one!  But I’m happy that she at least knows that she’s more than welcome to sleep on my bed!


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