‘An Introduction to Shafaw Healing’ Classes

An Introduction to Shafaw Healing

This series is taught by one of the foremost healers on the planet, Grand Master Healer Danadoost — the Master of ‘Shafaw Healing’. Those of you who have experienced ‘Shafaw Healing’ with him, and/or have felt his presence or heard him speak, know of his healing gifts — the light, the expertise, the artful application, the poetry and the potency. (View our Testimonials.) Until May 12, 2012, Shafaw Training was offered only to Shafaw Sanctuary Healees and those deemed ready to receive Shafaw Healing Training. Now, this class has been opened to the public.

This Series is different from our Shafaw Healing Training and is a Pre-Requisite for our Shafaw Healing Training Program.

Shafaw Healing Series Includes

  • The Fundamentals of Shafaw and some of the ‘Axioms’ for Shafaw 101
  • Recommendations and practices given to regain your ability to see ‘Auras’
  • Practices for building up and transmitting Shafaw Healing Energy
  • Meditation the ‘Shafaw’ way
  • Physical Anatomy & Anatomy of ‘Pain’, ‘Problem’, and the ‘Mind’
  • Introduction to Shafaw Haerkkot Healing & Meditative Movements
  • Shafaw Chakra System, which is different than the mainstream chakra system, including Major, Minor, & Minor-Minor’ Chakras plus Auxillary Chakras 
  • How To Protect Yourself And Your Healees’
  • ‘Healers die young,’ says Dr. Norman Shealy, MD – The reason is that healers do not take care of themselves. In this introductory class we will teach you a technique or two to protect yourself. In doing so you also protect your Healees from your unwanted frequencies.

You will realize your abilities as a healer, and put your abilities into use. It is essential for healers to have an orientation in preparation for the mastery of Shafaw Healing Classes. “The main emphasis is on ‘Refinement‘ — Techniques are secondary.” Click on a class below.