Shafaw Healing Training

Shafaw Healing Training Programs

Several years ago, the Healing Renaissance Clinic, the teaching branch of Shafaw Sanctuary, began it’s first Shafaw Healing Training Program, entitled ‘The Fundamentals of Sacred Healing’. Today the teaching of the Fundamentals of Sacred Healing continues in various forms. From the preparatory Introductory Shafaw Healing Classes to Privately taught Shafaw Healing to the ongoing yearly Shafaw Healing Training Program. 

1. Introductory Shafaw Healing Classes are available online accessible on this website (just check on the right hand corner of the front page.) These classes assist to prepare one for the journey of Shafaw Healing Programs.

2. The Shafaw Healing Program is available taught privately — one-on-one — with Master Healer Danadoost over the course of a year. Homework, discipline and practice is a part of it. Admission is yearly. You may continue by re-enrolling each year.

3.  The Ongoing Shafaw Healing Training Program is currently already in process. To begin in the training one needs to begin one of the above two areas created for learning/remembering.

This program is offered to the chosen among those who have come into the clinic for sessions, received healing sessions and demonstrated interest, capability, culpability and commitment.

Shafaw Healing Training includes healing work regarding the perspective pertinent to a healer, the groundwork required for healing; and the framework necessary in order to heal. There is inherent structure in Shafaw Training. Training sessions involve daily practice. Homework with partners is a major part of the training.

At the end of the training, a person is able to heal themselves and their loved ones, as well as healees. If you are interested in such training, please call Mary Grace at 415.892.1479 and inquire about the application procedure.

There is so much information taught in The Shafaw Healing Training Program. It is amazingly wonderful to be exposed to these teachings and to continue to receive.” ~ Mary Grace

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