Joanna Chieppa’s story:
When I became seriously ill over a year ago, I immediately turned to “alternative” and energy medicine.  I saw an acupuncturist, naturopath, osteopath, craniosacral therapist, and several experienced energy practitioners.  Despite their truly good work, my condition worsened.  I was unable to eat solid food, lost weight rapidly, had pain everywhere, and slept only 2-3 hours a night.

Tuula Talvi’s story:
Today I think my life as “before” or “after’ Master Danadoost!  I am trying to remember / note all changes you have done for / in me.  It’s so much!  Mercury in me is gone.  WOW! Arsenic dropped from 110 to 24, in just one session.  I have copies of before and after.   

Christine Dougherty’s story:
I am totally clear of Cancer without any Chemotherapy or Radiation….(Master Danadoost) worked me into his busy schedule whenever he could, hands on healing in addition to distant healing sessions, while I was tested and examined by Bay Area specialists.  I listened to his meditations though I had never meditated before. This was also new to me.  My fears that he managed to release in his sessions were paramount in being able to receive the healing. Christine did NOT receive any Western Medicine Treatments. 

Kimberly Lynn story:
Thank you for the wonderful massage and more importantly, thank you for the gift of love.  Your generosity has helped me to focus in on what’s most important in this life, which is love.  I feel more connected now because you have helped me understand where I was in my journey and where I am going now.  I have a heightened sense of awareness  of the power I possess.  My powers include love and the ability to choose.  God’s ultimate plan is for us to love by giving and receiving it.

A heart patient:
My cardiologist said, “There is nothing different about your heart from someone else’s heart.” Considering my heart had a major re-sectioning in June 2001 that is a “Miracle”.

A lupus patient:
For the past 10-years I had the following diagnosis: Lupus, sjogrens disease, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia. There was only chemotherapy and pain management.  Now, I have been medication free for the last two years.

18-month old asthma patient:
Behrooz is truly a master.  My grandson no longer has to use his breathing machine, no steroids, no antibiotics.  He is now a healthy and vivacious 2-year old.

A mastectomy patient:
Awesome recovery!  Nurses are blown away!  They usually give demerol or morphine after surgery like this.  She had received NO pain medication!

A miniature horse named Margaret:
The vets at the clinic said there was nothing they could do for Margaret.  I called Behrooz for help.  The next day she started to do better and in 48-hours was home and doing well.

Suspicious large growth on ovaries:
The surgeon told me he removed the ovary, but the growth was no longer there!  God bless you and your family for all the healing work you do.

An older horse with a large sinus cyst:
Davis University said,  “Perhaps you should consider putting him down!” “Perhaps NOT,”  I said.  I called Behrooz.  Within three sessions, Bob’s forehead returned to normal size and the cyst never returned.

Cancer in four nodes:
Five distant healing sessions with Behrooz and my internist and cancer physician said NO sign of cancer!  Also, my high blood pressure and cholesterol are back to normal.

Kidney stones:
Kidney stones gone, gone, gone!  X-ray clear, clear as still pond.

Esophageal cancer:
My gratitude to you is beyond words.  After the second session I had a biopsy.  No evidence of cancer cells!

I saw Behrooz four times for my skin problem.  I am totally well.  There is no sign of the disease.

Bartholin’s growth:
Two years after five distant healing sessions with Behrooz I have no problems!  No operation!  I am forever grateful.

Aplastic anemia:
I saw Behrooz in June 1996.  In January 1997 my doctor said all my blood counts were normal!  I will remain grateful forever.

all shared with permission

These Four People did NOT receive any Western Medicine Treatments

Deanna Roy, Sam Renati, Karen Brown Collier, and Christine Dougherty — the People in the Following Videos did NOT receive any Western Medicine Treatments for their Conditions of Cancer