Class 1 – Positioning

This class is a prerequisite for the 
Fundamentals of Shafaw Healing Training Program.

  • You’ll be oriented to ‘Shafaw’ language/terminology.
  • The Introduction to Shafaw Healing is designed to Allow YOU to Continue for Shafaw Teachings. 
  • So far, only Shafaw ‘Healees’ have been able to enroll.
  • ‘Healees’ are people who have sought Shafaw Healing and have had Private Sessions.

The following topics are addressed:

  • The Fundamentals of Shafaw and some of the ‘Axioms’ for Shafaw 101
  • Recommendations and practices given to regain your ability to see ‘Auras’.
  • Practices for building up and transmitting Shafaw Healing Energy.
  • Meditating the ‘Shafaw’ way – Physical Anatomy & the Anatomy of the Mind.
  • Introduction to Shafaw ‘Haerkkot’ Healing & Meditative Movements.
  • Shafaw Chakra System that is different than the mainstream chakra system.
  • ‘Major’, ‘Minor’ and ‘Minor-Minor’ Chakras and ‘Auxiliary’ Chakras are addressed.
  • How to Protect Yourself and Your Healees.
  • “Healers Die Young,” says Dr. Norman Shealy.  The reason is that healers do not take care of themselves.

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