Energy Medicine

What is Energy Medicine? by Grand Master Healer Danadoost

Energy Medicine is the essence of all the modalities combined, from adjusting the vertebrae without utilizing chiropractic techniques to removing/shrinking cancerous tumors without the use of chemotherapy or radiation. Energy Medicine addresses all ailments from headaches to hemorrhoids to mental diseases.

The closest definition of Energy Medicine is “Spiritual Healing.” The difference, however, is that Energy Medicine does not rely heavily on prayers or shamanic approaches, though prayers and shamanism are a part of it.

Faith is an intricate part of Energy Medicine.  Faith is believing in things you do not see. Faith, practically, is trust in knowing.  Once you reach this level of mastery in EM, you can see what you know.  It truly is grand!  As soon as one becomes clairsentient (i.e. the ability to simply know!), one has reached the level of Grand Mastery – capable of materialization and dematerialization for the sake of Healing ONLY!

An Energy Medicine practitioner is only satisfied with healing – not curing.  In curing, the problem may go away but it may come back later.  In healing, the problem will never come back (e.g. cancer).

Energy Medicine is art and technique combined.  Art is skillful creation, and technique is mechanical application.  Energy Medicine simplifies the complexities of life through the knowledge of the anatomy of emotions and thoughts. The practitioner has full grasp of utilizing this knowledge in any dis-ease of the mind and the body.

Healing, using Energy Medicine consists of two parts:

1 – Receiving and giving/transferring energy.
2 – Generating energy.

While conducting Energy Medicine, the practitioner believes in the shortest sentence in English language, “I am.”

1 – Energy transfer may be “Simple transfer,” “Anabolic transfer”, “Catabolic transfer,” or a combination:

  • Simple transfer.  You receive a form of energy and you pass what you have received unchanged to another physical entity, a dog, a plant, a human being. You act as a conduit. You can also use your Human Energy Field, but you may quickly deplete.
  • Anabolic transfer.  A form of energy metabolism from which simple energy(s) are synthesized into complex materials of living tissues (e.g. bone generation).
  • Catabolic transfer.  You receive a complex form of energy and break it into simple energy release (good for shrinkage / dissolving of malignant tumors).

2 – Unlike all other alternative medicine modalities that just remove the energy blocks or activate a number of circuits and then wait for the body’s intelligence to kick in, Energy Medicine, through the will of the healer, can bring the outside energy into the affected area and restore the original consciousness.  The healer can also utilize the patient’s own body’s intelligence in combination with his or her own to achieve results.

If the healer is clairvoyant, he/she can perform surgery of the aura (i.e. removing the stagnant/bad/unwanted energies from the afflicted areas and replace it with “good energies”).

In either simple or anabolic energy transfer, the healer is not restricted to a certain number of meridians or circuits.  Also, there may not be a need to lay hands either!

It is the only healing method that allows healing to be performed from a distance – regardless of the distance. The healer may not even know the name, age or the gender of the patient and still heal.   However, photos and names carry specific energy signatures that may be useful.

Utilizing the technology at HRC, a healer can:

  • Create auxiliary chakras beside the standard existing minor or major chakras.
  • Perform energetic bone marrow transfer.
  • Duplicate and transfer the chemical equivalent of any drug to any patient without the side effects!
  • Deal with all sorts of physical dis-eases. Must be able to make all cancerous tumors    shrink/disappear at all times, under any circumstances.
  • Create osteoblasts (bone building cells) or remove extra bone (via osteoclasts).
  • Deal with all emotional diseases.  e.g. A person determined to commit suicide. In a few seconds determination is gone. The person can talk about it, but cannot do it. The success depends on the quality and the potent force projected by the healer.
  • Energize and de-energize (i.e. give or take back).
  • Change the qualities of an aura.
  • Transfer knowledge through energy channeling (Eshraq). The energy transfer can be permanent or temporary.
  • Diagnose cause of death – either from a distance or of someone who died eons ago.

Probably the most important aspect of being a successful Energy Medicine healer is knowing the anatomy of emotions and thoughts.  Emotions give birth and prepare a proper environment for the thoughts – resonating with the frequencies of the cloud of emerging thought energy.

A qualified Healer must be able to:

  • recognize the anatomy of emotions. This is a MUST.  If you do not know about the anatomy of emotions, then you cannot heal.
  • specifically recognize “fear.”  No justification, buts, ifs … etc.
  • recognize the parallel between depression and loss of a loved one.
  • recognize the power of music.  It is hypnotic.  It sets your mood for you – leading to different planes of reality over which you have no control.  That could be fatal for your patients.  A healer must carefully choose the kind of music he/she listens to.

It really works 100% of the time.  Regardless of where I am and what I am doing I can shrink a tumor or make it vanish – providing it is a cancerous tumor!  Anytime, anywhere, in hospitals, in double-blind studies, anywhere…bring in the cameras.  No excuses. Whether you are a Medical Doctor or engaged in some form of alternative medicine or healing art, Energy Medicine can turn your practice into a complete and successful practice.

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