Healing Sessions with Master Danadoost

Master Danadoost believes that the most powerful sessions in order are:

  • Distant Healing, NonSpecific – This type of healing allows Master Danadoost to work from any location when it is the best time for the patient to receive. This allows you, the healee, to go about your day doing what you will.
  • Distant Healing Specific – This allows both you and Master Danadoost the luxury of being in any location you like for the healing at an agreed upon time.
  • Phone Sessions – This allows the patient to hear Master Danadoost’s voice and learn from him; however, this disallows freedom of movement, and words are exchanged which may be distracting from the actual healing work requested.
  • Hands On Sessions – This can have a lot of value in human touch and interaction for the patient. The Human Touch/Presence may at the same time be distracting.
  • Sacred Space – This allows the patient to be held consistently in constant connection.

 Workings and Attitude of Healing:

“Know that You, the space around you, and the world are all Sacred. The more you acknowledge this and treat yourself and the world around you as if it were so, the more Divine Sacred Healing frequencies can come through to you.”  ~ By Mary Grace

The subtlety and creative imagination of Master Danadoost’s work is both subtle and potent at the same time, engaging, imaginative and constant. The healing lasts much longer than the actual healing session.

‘There is much potency in Master Danadoost’s work – no matter how it is received.’ I have seen the work ‘appear’ to be latent – (no immediate discernable outward change) ….only to find that one day what seemed to be a ‘condition of all conditions’ to ‘all of a sudden’ be ….. totally gone! I have learned not to underestimate (or to subscribe a time limit to ) that subtlety either – even if there is no apparent immediate change. It is fascinating to look, see, and feel into – where the work is happening now. I would invite you to do so and also to remind you to face the direction of learning, feeling, being with and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that – healing is happening at all times. The work is begun, then continues from the start. When Master Danadoost goes back to the work with a person, he then discovers what is needed next from what has occurred since he last worked. If the person is seeding doubt and despair, the healing work goes backward a little and Master Danadoost heads it forward again. If the person is choosing to participate in the healing by appreciating every little healing frequency, more work can be accomplished as it goes. Many individuals have been through a lot and it can be quite tempting to dwell on thoughts of that.and conditions that are up to be dealt. I would invite you to focus your thoughts and imagination on the tremendous power and love available in the healing realms within the abundance of this Universe at all of our disposal now.

Our work is spiritual by nature. Please be aware that we are not medical doctors nor do we pretend to be so. We do not prescribe medications. If you require the care of a physician, please continue to see him/her. If you are dealing with a ‘terminal’ illness or require the care of a physician, please continue. We work alongside your physicians and have seen the combination of the Sacredness of our Sessions, and the expertise of the AMA to work well together. Physicians themselves receive sessions and consistently refer their patients to us. Please know that we at Healing Renaissance Clinic we heal to restore to your original state of consciousness, health and wellbeing. Although we have assisted many individuals to achieve their goals of healing (please see the testimonials) we cannot guarantee how an individual will respond to Sacred Healing or how many sessions are needed. Please see link to Testimonials.Though we cannot guarantee recovery we also cannot take responsibility for the miracles which occur. All healing comes from Source.

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