Distant Healing Sessions and (Existing Healees Only) Hands On

Distant | Distant-Phone | (Existing Healees Only) Hands On

Distance Healing – Distant Healing is considered the most powerful form of healing by Master Danadoost. This is one arena where healing frequencies can be applied directly without the restriction or boundaries of space. We offer the following distant sessions:


Distant Healing – Phone Sessions done from a distance with the use of a phone for conversational purpose. A phone is not needed for healing to occur. It is purely for the use of checking in or for the ability to hear a meditation that one may wish to have access to a phone during session. It is also possible to have a brief phone check in and then hang-up for more concentrated healing.

(Existing Healees Only) Hands-On – Hands On sessions are only available to existing healees who already began.  Scheduled for an agreed upon time, Healing Transmissions through presence and touch are for existing healees only wanting direct hands-on experience of the resonance of perfection flowing throughout the body.  Loose, comfortable clothing is suggested.


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